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Joanna will prepare any necessary forms or provide an invoice to help you collect any benefits from your insurance company

Initial Nutritional Assessment - 1 hour
This is an initial appointment that is required for all new clients. This session includes an evaluation of your medical history, your lifestyle, your dietary habits, and other relevant information. The session also includes nutritional goal setting and appropriate recommendations pertaining to your nutritional concerns.

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Follow-up Consultations - 30 minutes
These sessions can be booked following the required initial session. Follow-up sessions are based on your goals, and focus on your progress and continuing needs.

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Recipe Analysis and Modification
Eating healthy does not mean you have to get rid of your favourite recipes! This service allows you to email or mail Joanna your recipe(s) for analysis. She will analyze your recipe to determine the total calories, fat, protein, carbohydrate, sugar, and other nutrients in your recipe, as well as per serving. Joanna will then modify your recipe so that it is in line with your nutritional goals, such as low sodium for clients with high blood pressure, low fat for clients with high cholesterol, or modified carbohydrate for clients with diabetes. The modified recipe will also be analyzed in the same way as the original, with both results presented to you.

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Menu Review and Menu Plan
This service allows Joanna to review your current 7 day meal intake and provide you with a personalized 7 day meal plan that is geared towards your specific nutritional concerns. This meal plan will also take into account your food preferences, likes, and dislikes and will be a stepping stone to helping you prepare your own healthy meals. Recipes will also be provided as needed.

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Grocery Tours - 1 hour and 30 minutes

Pick your favourite grocery store and Joanna will meet you there for a tour incorporating healthy meal planning and shopping. Come alone or with your family or friends and learn how to choose healthy food alternatives, which foods to choose less often, and how to navigate the grocery aisles to choose the most nutritious foods. This service is a good first step to leading a healthy lifestyle, where the information you learn can be used every time you go grocery shopping. Any foods bought during the tour are not included.


Kitchen Makeover - 2 hours
This service will make a clean sweep of your kitchen - Joanna will evaluate your kitchen and help you make a fresh start by getting rid of unhealthy snacks, treats, and foods that may impede your new healthy lifestyle. This service includes a peek into your pantry, your refrigerator, and your freezer, with Joanna providing explanations as to why certain foods are not so good for you. In order to fill your kitchen with healthier options, a Grocery Tour is a good idea either before or after the Kitchen Makeover.


Personal Grocery Shopper - Up to 3 hours
Do you dread shopping in crowded grocery stores, unsure of what to buy? Are you busy with little time left over for grocery shopping? This service will have a nutrition professional do it for you. Joanna will shop for you in your favourite grocery store and deliver healthy, delicious items to stock your pantry and fridge with. This service also includes meal recipes to go along with your new foods. This service can be used as needed or on a regular basis. Cost of food is not included.

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